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Online Poker In The U.S. Edges Into The Light

Despite the recent heavy handed attempts by the American Department of Justice to criminalise anyone who has even thought about playing online poker in the United States, a number of influential people have not given up the fight to allow … Continue reading

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The Brits Invade The WSOP

Probably a more meaningful headline would be something like “Brits Perform Proportionately Better Than Other Nations at 2011 WSOP” but that wouldn’t be a particularly exciting headline.  There’s no doubt though that the contingent form the Old Country has done … Continue reading

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Nick ‘The Greek’ Dandolos

Nick ‘The Greek’ Dandolos died forty five years ago in 1966.  This not a poker professional in the traditional sense but did participate in one of the most famous games of high stakes, heads up poker ever witnessed.  Did it … Continue reading

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Phil Ivey

If you took a tally of all the poker professionals currently plying their trade around the world right now and asked the question “Who is the best all-round poker player?”, Phil Ivey would almost certainly come out with the most … Continue reading

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