Background to the World Poker Tour

The World Poker Tour tends to live in the shadow of its older rival the World Series of Poker but it’s been going ten for nearly ten years now. It attracts large numbers of entrants for its various events, its prize money is significant and it’s also features regularly on live television. In fact it was the potential for television which persuaded TV producer and attorney Steve Lipscombe and casino entrepreneur Lyle Berman that there was a market for another professional tour.

So before you head over to the RoxyPalace Casino for your evening’s online entertainment, just have a browse through this article about the history of the WPT.

In 2002, Lipscombe and Berman realised that there may be a niche for another set of professional poker events. Two things were happening at the time – firstly the attraction of live televised poker and Black Jack Casinos was becoming clear, secondly the WSOP was beginning to struggle under the weight of infighting and various other issues. The two entrepreneurs negotiated with TV channels for various slots and the first competition was aired on U.S. cable TV on the Travel Channel. The competition was open to anyone who could afford the buy-in or anyone who could qualify through one of a number of satellite events.

In 2003 the WSOP received a much needed boost via the main event win of Chris Moneymaker. an online qualifier and this helped to raise interest even further in televised poker. By 2004 the WPT was being shown on NBC as well as the Travel Channel and its attraction was clear. In the intervening years it has swapped around various channels but always remained a steady ratings winner. It’s widely publicized formats and events have almost certainly led to increased interest in the game of poker and boosted both itself and the WSOP. Players can compete in both organisation’s events as they please.

PartyGaming now owns the World Poker Tour and, pending legislation on online gambling in the United States, will surely take the brand onwards and upwards. OK, you can get back to your Casino Spielen now.

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