Joe Hachem

We’ll head down to Australia for this biography and take a look at Joe Hachem.  A quick glance at the leaderboard of the all-time most successful poker players in terms of money will show you a list dominated by Americans, but right up there, near the top is Lebanese born Australian Joe Hachem, with live tournament earnings of more than $10 million.

Hachem was born in the Lebanon on 11th March 1966 but in 1972 his family decided to make the move to Australia.  He originally trained as a chiropractor and in fact this became his career for 13 years before a medical condition prevented him from continuing this line of work.  Before this, Hachem had been something of a casual poker player but in 1995, when he could no longer work as a chiropractor, he began to play more seriously.  It was a relatively late start into the world of poker and certainly far later then many of his contemporaries who had been competing for money in their late teens.

Hachem began playing on the internet at the time, at sites such as 888 poker as it was becoming popular globally and this brought him some success.  Unlike many internet players though, he also enjoyed live games and the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex in Melbourne where you can Play Free Keno became his venue of choice.  After several years playing here and on the local circuit he became confident enough of his abilities to enter the World Series of Poker tournament in Las Vegas in 2005.

There’s no need to repeat to much history here but suffice to say Hachem won the main event with a series of unlikely hands.  The final hand is worth mentioning though and Hachem made a monumental bluff with a hand consisting of the seven of clubs and the three of spades.  Incredibly the flop provided him with a straight and all that was left was to suck opponent Steve Dannenman into going all-in and the game was over.

It’s Hachem’s only WSOP main event win but he has an incredible number of cash wins under his belt which propels him up that money earning leaderboard.  He has also been credited with the growth in popularity in Australia and surely also in the growth of sites such as 888 Kasino.

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