Texas Hold’em

For more than a few decades now, one game has dominated live casino play and more recently it has dominated the online arena as well.  For more than forty years it has been the game of choice for the World Series of Poker – in fact there has been no other.

Robstown in Texas has been recognised by the Texas State Legislature as the home of Texas Hold’em and who are we to argue.  Of course this doesn’t make it a particularly old game but that clearly has no effect on its popularity.

It’s a community card game which means that players share the use of five community cards which are placed face up on the table during the course of a hand.  The basic rules are as follows:

Usually up to nine players play on one table and the dealership rotates among them every hand.  Each player is trying to make the best hand with his two hole cards and three of the five community cards.

Texas Hold’em features the blinds system of betting which means the two players following the dealer must bet the small blind (half the big blind) and the big blind (a relatively small wager usually dependant on the buy in amount.

All players are dealt one two cards and then a round of betting ensues, starting with the player following the big blind.  He/she can fold, check, raise or call and when this round of betting has finished, if there are two or more players remaining in the hand, we see the flop – this is the laying down of three community cards.

Another round of betting follows and again, if there are two or more players remaining we see the turn – a fourth community card.  After one more round of betting we see the river – the fifth community card.

Players now take part in one more round of betting and then, if necessary, reveal their cards in the showdown.

Texas Hold’em can be played limit or no limit.  This refers to the betting amounts.  In a limit game the stakes and raises are limited to pre-determined amounts.  In the more common no limit game, these limits do not exist.

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