Washington Unveils Legalisation Plans :: U.K. Considering Gaming Reform

Washington Unveils Legalisation Plans

Gaming coming soon....

So now we know that Washington D.C. will be the first state to offer legal, intra-state, online gaming.  Amidst the fallout from Black Friday and Blue Monday, the state has been quietly refining and improving its plans and it’s now set to go ahead.

Late July will see the site open up for play money demonstration games and there won’t be too many to start with, just Texas Hold’em and Blackjack.  Once this beta testing phase is over and any issues have been ironed out, the service is due to go live on September 7th.  Only residents of the state will be able to register for the service and if all goes smoothly it may serve as a template for other states looking for a legalisation compromise.

In recent months New Jersey, Nevada, Iowa and Florida have all toyed with the idea of intra-state, online legislation but for various reasons have put their plans on hold.  New Jersey wanted a review and more time while Nevada opted to prepare a bill which would be conditional on federal legislation.

U.K. Considering Online Reform

Following the farcical events that have surrounded Full Tilt Poker since Black Friday, the U.K. government has announced it will be looking into how gaming licenses are awarded with particular reference to the protection of U.K. customers.

There are still hundreds of U.K. customers awaiting refunds from Full Tilt after it shut its doors in America.  As has been reported, the regulatory authority of Alderney then withdrew it’s operating license, meaning Full Tilt’s websites were shut down completely.

The British government has previously relied upon trusted regulatory authorities in other territories but following the Full Tilt debacle it may well decide that it needs its own regulatory authority to administer fit and proper tests.

As far as Full Tilt is concerned, it may well be back on its feet soon, and with enough money to pay all the players who are still owed money.  The next step will be to regain its license before once again attempting to earning its place at the top of the online poker tree.

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